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Out of all the products on the market today for hair loss, Provillus is the leader in many user reviews. Provillus Hair Loss Treatment claims to be able to treat hair loss in both men and women, but since there are different causes of hair loss between men and women, they have different formulations for the two – Provillus for Men, and Provillus for Women.

So, how does it work?

Provillus for Men works by reducing and blocking the formation of DHT in the first stages of hair loss. The DHT will continue to be reduced until your hair loss is stopped. Then, in the second stage, the product encourages the growth of new hair naturally by supplying essential nutrients and repairing damaged hair follicles.

Provillus for Women works by restoring the natural hormone balance. It also encourages and stimulates new hair growth, while ensuring the proper function of the follicle.

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Does Provillus Work?

The following reviews were provided by real users of Provillus Hair Loss Treatment. One of the users on the website said that

      “I have used Provillus for about 2 months, and so far so good. Can’t wait to see further results.”


Another review came from a user on who said that

      “…within two months in the Provillus program my lost hair began to grow again slowly. Today I am a happy man. I have regained my seventy-five percent hair loss. It has absolutely no side effects. I strongly recommend this treatment to all unfortunate people who have excessive hair loss.”


On Yahoo! Answers, one user mentioned that,

      “My experience was that I have a fairly significant increase in the thickness and strength of my hair within 4 months, and now my hair is back to the way it was before I had any hair loss at all. I have Provillus to thank for this amazing change in my lifestyle, self esteem, and also my outlook for the future.”


When reading through the many positive reviews made by others who have dealt with hair loss, and who claim to see considerable hair regrowth, it is easy to see that Provillus for Men and Provillus for Women works.

Provillus is also cheaper that another well known brand of hair loss treatment for men, Procerin. And, it will help you to grow your hair much faster than many other hair loss treatments that are on the market.

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What do we like best about Provillus?

Since dealing with hair loss issues can be a very sensitive and embarrassing subject for many people, Provillus sends out its products using plain, discreet packaging. And, it is very simple to purchase because there is no need for a prescription. For many people, this is a huge relief to not have to explain their problem to someone else.

There is also a three month complete money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results you get from Provillus. To top it off, Provillus is completely safe to use, guaranteed natural, and with no unpleasant side effects. There are no creams or chemicals, and it has the FDA stamp of approval.

What don’t we like about Provillus?

Although you shouldn’t realistically expect to see a full head of hair the day after starting your treatment, it does take some time before any recognizable results show. Some users have said that it took up to three months before seeing any real changes.

And, you will likely find it a bit difficult to find Provillus in your local drug store. Even though they do ship it to many places, it is more readily available online and can be paid with a credit card.


Beauty hairFor those who would like to prevent hair loss and grow back any previously lost hair, Provillus is highly recommended. Although you likely won’t find it available for purchase in commercial stores, you can be reassured knowing that the product you are buying is genuine, since you are purchasing it from the website itself.

It is completely safe to use, and has been FDA approved. And, though it might take a bit of time to see noticeable results, in the end you will have the hair growth you are hoping for, compared to products who never deliver results at all.

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